Model: DL4000

National's DL4000 combines the sturdy construction of the DL3000 with a pass-through junction box, allowing additional equipment to be connected.  Equipped with a Longopac bagging system, this machine exeeds HEPA standards.

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  • Included with the machine is an individually tested HEPA filter with a minimum efficiency of 99.995 percent at 0.14 microns; a rugged steel frame provides support during transport and use
  • Primary filter
  • Heavy-duty, anti-static collection hose provides durability and safety
  • Pass through junction box to power additional equipment
  • Adjustable cfm for different machines by opting to use one, two or three motors


Specifications Standard Metric
Width 25" 63.5 cm
Max. Height 63.21" 160 cm
Max. Length 38.7" 98 cm
Weight 225 lb 102 kg
Voltage 230 volt 3-phase
Hz 60
Vacuum Pressure 98.4" H2O 2.5 m /H2O
Air Movement 318 CFM 450 m3/hr
Filter Area 32.3 sq ft 30,000 sq cm
Filter Efficiency 99.995 @ .14 microns
Noise Emission 76
Inlet 3.15" 80 mm
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