Model: DL7000

The DL7000 was specifically designed to pair with National’s largest shot blasters and grinders. Equipped with an auto-pulse cleaning system, quick access points for filter changes, and the industry’s highest rated HEPA filters, this dust collector is built for your toughest jobs.

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  • 4 anti-static, polyester cartridge filters help reduce clogging when picking up high quantities of dust, while maintaining minimal operating cost
  • HEPA filter guarantees filtration of the smallest particales
  • Continuous auto pulse cleaning system features an intergrated compressor, controlled by an internal timer, cleans each cartridge intermittently
  • The machine features sturdy steel construction and pivoting wheels with a braking system for optimal safety and maneuverability
  • All components of the dust collector are protected by the frame
  • Blower operates with minimal noise
  • Convenient side access allows for quick filter changes


Specifications Standard Metric
Width 34" 86 cm
Max. Height 60" 158.9 cm
Max. Length 72" 181.4 cm
Weight 992lbs 450 kg
Voltage 230V/460V Auto-Switching
Hz 60
Vacuum Pressure 24" H2O 61 cm H2O
Air Movement 941 CFM 941 CFM 1,600 m3/hr
Filter Area 72 ft sq (primary) 26 ft sq (HEPA) 22 meters squared (primary) 8 meters squared (HEPA)
Filter Efficiency 99.995@.18 micron
Inlet 5.9" 150 mm
Motor Phase 3
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