Model: 3432

This 5-inch electric, right-angle grinder is handheld and can be used for a variety of concrete floor preparation applications, including concrete cleaning and leveling as well as mastic, urethane, epoxy, and coatings removal.

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  • Durable convertible polyurethane dust shroud enables detailed, nearly dustless edge grinding
  • Works with dust collectors; attach using the 2-inch inlet port connector located on the convertible dust shroud
  • Loop handle creates superior control, results in fewer swirl marks, and lessens operator fatigue
  • Accommodates multiple styles of diamond turbo cup wheels


Specifications Standard Metric
Disc Size 5" 13 cm
Weight 10 lb 4.5 kg
Speed Variable Speed
Motor RPM 700-2200
Voltage 115
Frequency 60 Hz
Amps 10
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