Model: ION4K

The Ion4K is a compact machine that electronically charges the air in the room, driving dust and other contaminents rapidly to the ground in a manner that is safe for the user and the enivironment. It operates with little input from the user so you can spend more time focusing on the task at hand.

Versatility makes the Ion4K applicable for many jobsites including renovation and demolition contractors, food processing facilities, schools, anyone generating dust on their jobsite, and more. Clean air is right for any environment.

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  • Locking caster wheels
  • Pre filter and main filter protect internal components of machine
  • Multi-speed fan flexible for varying jobsites
  • Simple control panel
  • Sturdy handles for easy transportation


Specifications Standard Metric
Width 20.5" 52 cm
Max. Height 28.7" 73 cm
Max. Length 25.2" 64 cm
Weight 132.3 lb 60 kg
Capacity 7,000 - 70,000 ft cubed
Motor Phase 300 W, Single Phase
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