Model: 4230-EUR

The 4230-EUR is an electric ride-on floor scraper, specifically designed for our European customers. With no belts or gears, this scraper boasts low maintenance costs while maximizing production, maneuverability, and ease of transport.

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  • Automatic kill switch is triggered when the operator seat is vacant
  • Larger/deepened forklift pockets
  • E-stop switch for safety
  • Ergonomic design includes movable foot pegs and padded seat that allows for optimal operator comfort and the best possible line of sigh
  • Precise hydraulic steering for maneuvering in tight spaces, zero turn radius, and continuous torque for higher removal rates and greater productivity
  • Quick-change swivel head.
  • Extra weight compartments
  • Nonmarking tires
  • Front debris deflector protects machine from loose material
  • Front caster wheels allow increased maneuverability in tight spaces


Specifications Standard Metric
Width 24.5" 62 cm
Max. Height 49" 124.5 cm
Max. Length 52" 132.1 cm
Weight 1,465 lb 664 kg
Removable Weight 445 lb 158 kg
Weight (machine only) 1,190 lb 539.7 kg
Speed up to 113 ft/min up to 34.4 m/min
Voltage 115
Frequency 230V/50Hz
HP (2) 1.5 HP motors (2) 1.5 HP motors
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