Give your hands and back a break and let the Power Hammer Trolley make you faster, more efficient, and productive. This machine works as a floor stripper and scraper on concrete and wood surfaces. Great for removal of epoxy, ceramic, tile, vinyl, VCT, cork, adhesives, mastic, and more. The Power Hammer Trolley is perfect for rock breaking and block demolition. Hammer sold separately.

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  • Specifically designed shock absorbing grips for increased operator comfort.
  • Safety emergency switch.
  • Easy-to-reach knob for quick adjustments of the operator's handle.
  • Adjustable knob creates 5 different angles to change the height of the tool without impacting the height of the handle.
  • Large, solid tires wear well, perform consistently over rough surfaces, and won't lose pressure.
  • Rugged steel frame is durable and built to last.


Specifications Standard Metric
Width 19" 48 cm
Max. Height 30.5" 77.5 cm
Max. Length 24" 61 cm
Weight 90 lb 45 kg
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