Model: A12

The A12 ride-on shot blaster is perfect for medium to large jobs. This unit doesn’t require a generator or electric power, and it is compact enough to pass through standard doorways. The A12 is ideal for airports, ship decks, bridge decks, large parking structures, highways, and large industrial plants.

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  • Quieter centrifical blast wheel for easy maintenance on the jobsite
  • Variable speed
  • Self-contained onboard dust collection system with automatic compressed air cleaning system
  • Propane powered
  • Rear-wheel drive for superior maneuverability
  • LED headlight for increased visibility


Specifications Standard Metric
Width 34" 86.4 cm
Blasting width 13" 32 cm
Max. Height 72" 183 cm
Max. Length 83" 210 cm
Weight 1,808 lb 820 kg
Speed 118 ft/min 0-36 m/min
Capacity 2,153 ft/hr up to 200 m/hr
Voltage 480 400 V/50Hz
HP 25 17.7kW
Motor Phase Three
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